Ron Hardy

  • Dr Ron Hardy is a Professor in the Animal and Veterinary Science Department, University of Idaho, and Director of the Aquaculture Research Institute. He received his M.S. degree in Nutrition from Washington State University and Ph.D. in Fisheries from the University of Washington in 1973 and 1978. Prior to joining the University of Idaho, he was on the faculty of the College of Fisheries, University of Washington and a Supervisory Research Chemist at NOAA Fisheries. He has extensive experience with nutritional evaluation of amino acid, fatty acid, and mineral requirements of trout and salmon. He is knowledgeable about raw materials, especially vegetable proteins, marine proteins, and rendered animal proteins. His research interests have evolved over the year from studies of the interactions of nutrition and diseases resistance to use of alternate proteins and oils to replace marine sources. His current interests include nutritional genomics (nutrigenomics) of fish.

  • Dr Ron Hardy is on the Nutrition & Feeds Technical Advisory Committee of Integrated Aquaculture International.

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